Thursday, October 28, 2010

Old Window Turned Into Photo Frame

I bought this old window at an antique store. scotched taped my photos of my amazing children in it to give the appearance as if the photos were floating.  Then I hung a primitive sign I had made, with a quote from a children's story book my husband and I read to them. 
You can do this same thing in any decor style.
If you have a question on this,or any other craft items I have made, feel free to ask!
Happy crafting friends!


I love to do paper crafts. Its sooo much fun to combine different patterns and colors.  The possibilities are endless!  So one day I was in my craft room and thought to myself "where can I venture?" Aha! There it was, a boring clip board on my desk. It was a pitiful typical brown clipboard. The type we all have seen countless times. You better believe I became inspired and got right down to it!!!! Now its a fabulous clipboard!!! LOL!!!

I used scrap booking paper to cover the board, removed the clip and spray painted it red (use spray paint that can adhere to metal) Then added some ribbon to the loop to give it a chic look.  This crafting idea is great for those who use clipboards.  You can customize one for a certain someone too and it would make a great gift!

An idea to cover unwantedly seen vents, outlets etc

So I currently live in military base housing. (My fabulous hubby is in the Marine Corps!) And sometimes these houses can be strangely constructed. ( I know you fellow military wives are smiling in agreement with me)  This house I moved into, on base has a LARGE air flow vent for our AC, on the wall right when you walk in the front door.  I think its a strange place to put a vent AND it must be covered!  So what I did was take an old shutter I purchased at a yard sale, painted it a semi gloss black (primitive decor is never in finishes of high shine, gotta keep that rustic look) Hung a primitive sign and photos of my wonderful family on it.(Glue dots are awesome for making photos stick to things!) I also staged it with other primitive items to give it a layered look.  Now you can hardly see that annoying vent! 
You can do this in any style of decor! 


So I had this blank boring wall at the end of my hall. I couldn't figure out what to do with it. All I Knew was I need something large for it.
I recently decorated my whole house in a rustic primitive decor.  So I knew I needed something to that effect at the end of the hall. I had a a garden gate, my friend salvaged for me. I guess someone was throwing it out. I dry brushed the gate barn red to give it that worn, rustic appeal, nailed a patriotic sign, primitive crow and pip berry garland to it and voila!!! No more boring end of the hall!!!
I LOVE to take things that one might consider as junk and give it a makeover : )

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Colorful Bliss

This uniquely handcrafted necklace is for the person who loves color! It was inspired to me with the warmth and colors of summer in mind. (Of course you can wear it at anytime of year!)

Made with glass beads and adorned with vintage angel/fairy, soldered pendant.

Friday, November 27, 2009

summer beach necklace

This necklace was made to wear in the summer sun.  Like the beach for example.  The colors just remind me of a beach sunset and the ocean water.  The stones you see on the pendant are turqoise stone.  You can find most of my items for sale at   Just type in bellasbaubles in the search engine on the site.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vintage Nun

As you can tell I love, vintage looking things. Hence this piece!!!! This is the second soldering piece I have made. "The Grotto Gift Shop" purchased this one from me as well. The nun in the pendant is simply gorgeous!!!
I took a million and one pictures of this necklace and could not come up with one that did it justice...but you get the idea ; )